Why You Should Consider Hiring a Rubbish Chute

16 January 2019
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You may be trying to decide between renting or buying a rubbish chute. This depends on your position. Do you own the whole building or just rent a floor? If you are renting a floor, you will not want to take on the responsibility of buying and installing a heavy-duty item such as a rubbish chute as you may later move business locations. Additionally, hiring a garbage chute can give you two extra benefits.


The company from which you will be hiring the rubbish chute will be very informed about which style will best suit your needs. Do you want an extra chute, say for recycling, or just one chute for your rubbish? Companies who are selling the rubbish chutes may not take the time to really invest in you and find the best way to accommodate your needs. On the other hand, rubbish chute rental companies know that if you are not satisfied, you will simply stop hiring from them. Based on this reason, the rental company will work on helping you decide whether you want a side hinged door or a bottom hinged door. You can try out different options. Sometimes, the rental company will give you the option of installing a door that can be opened with a foot pedal. They will really work to make sure the best possible style is installed for you.

Cleaning and maintenance of the chute

As with all rental items, you are not responsible for the maintenance. The rental company will clean the chute periodically (you can work with them on a timetable that is convenient). Cleaning is done by using a power washer to spray hot water into the chute. The extreme pressure causes even the most stubborn stains and pieces of rubbish to be washed away. You can even contract the rental company from which you hired the chute to clean out the trash bin (this may cost something additional). By doing so, you do not need to invest in a power washer for regular cleaning. You also do not need to pay someone from your company to clean it.

By renting the rubbish chute, you will save on the beginning investment, and you will skip having to buy a power washer and keep the chute maintained smell-free. Renting can save you money and time and give you the best opportunity to get the right style for you and your business.