Two Unfounded Worries New Office Owners Have About Office Cleaning Services

26 August 2021
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Here are two unfounded worries new office owners often have about using office cleaning services.

They worry the presence of office cleaners will distract their employees and clients

Because offices are busy places that accumulate dust, dirt and bacteria all day long, office cleaners are often asked to not only clean in the mornings and evenings, but also during the office's business hours. Some new office owners worry that the presence of cleaners in their offices throughout the day might distract their employees or clients.

This is not something that any office owner needs to be concerned about. Firstly, experienced office cleaners are well-aware of the importance of not disrupting employees or clients and will do their utmost to avoid, for example, using their vacuums whilst nearby employees are on the phone to customers, and they will always take care to read any signs on the doors which indicate that certain meeting rooms or private offices are in use by clients.

Secondly, office cleaners are quite flexible and will be happy to change up their daily cleaning routines to ensure that they don't serve as distractions. For example, if the office manager tells their cleaner that the meeting room they're about to dust and vacuum needs to be used for an impromptu staff meeting, the cleaner can simply adjust their routine and go clean another section of the office whilst this meeting is taking place.

They worry that office cleaning services are a waste of money

New office owners who are very budget conscious may worry that using an office cleaning service is a waste of their enterprise's money. This is not true at all. For example, the office cleaners' thorough daily disinfecting of an office's pathogen 'hotspots' (such as the doorknobs, the bathrooms and the handrails) could lessen the risk of employees passing their colds or other viruses onto their co-workers, which could then cut down on the number of people who have to take sick days; this is worth noting, as lots of employees taking multiple sick days can cost a business a lot of money.

Cleaners can also be of great help to employees who have dust mite allergies (this is a very common allergy), as their regular removal of dust from the windowsills, the desks, the blinds and the floor will keep dust to a minimum. This could then enable these employees to work more productively, as they won't be constantly distracted by their need to have a coughing or sneezing fit or have to wipe their watery eyes every few minutes.

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