What to Ask a Rubbish Removal Company

1 March 2017
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When you manage an apartment complex or office building of any sort, you may not be thinking of the rubbish bin you hire, assuming they're all alike. However, the wrong bin or one that is always overflowing is a danger to your property, as it can attract rodents and other unwelcome visitors. It can also pose a health hazard, invite potential prowlers to the area, and make your property look very unsafe. Note a few questions to ask a rubbish removal company about your bin so your property is always clean and sanitary.

Ask what to do about liquid waste

Liquid waste may not be the best item to put directly in a dumpster, as rubbish bins aren't always perfectly sealed so as to contain that waste. Certain containers can also get punctured by other rubbish when the bin is emptied. A pickup company may also limit the type of liquid waste that you can dispose of in their bin, to ensure it doesn't pose a health or fire hazard. Ask if they need you to use separate containers, such as barrels that more are secure and that keep this liquid waste separate from the rubbish bin.

Ask how to handle a pest infestation

If you do notice that your bin is infested with mice or other rodents, attracts raccoons or stray animals, or is overrun by roaches and any type of infestation, ask how to handle this. You might be recommended to get a bin with a more secure lid or door so that stray animals cannot get into the rubbish and may need to have the inside emptied and then cleaned and treated with an insect repellent to keep roaches away. You may also need to consider how you bag food items and other such waste that naturally attract these pests, and your rubbish removal company can usually help with this concern.

Ask how to reduce the space taken up in the bin

You need to have the bin emptied when it gets full, but you can usually reduce the space taken up in the bin with a few tricks that your rubbish removal company might share; this might mean investing in a separate trash compactor for the office or to install near the bin. You also might not be breaking down and flattening the boxes in the bin or crushing plastic bottles. Recycling those plastics will also keep them out of the bin and out of landfills; don't hesitate to ask your rubbish removal company for more ideas on how to keep the bin from overflowing.