How Much Money Do You Throw Away?

18 September 2017
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The rubbish bin could possibly be holding treasures that could both save you money, and provide you with things you need. Empty containers can easily be cleaned and used to store leftover food. A quick search online will give you countless ideas on ways to reuse some of the items in your rubbish bin like a cardboard box. Children – especially toddlers – can be quickly and easily amused by cleaning and sanitizing a colourful package or combining an empty bottle with a marble inside for a homemade rattle.

A report by World Bank Group reveals that more than 2 billion tons of waste are disposed of each year in the world, so why not do a little bit to keep your corner of the world a little cleaner? Residential rubbish removal doesn't have to mean throwing away everything you consume. With tons of rubbish littering the earth on a daily basis, even small efforts can make a difference.

Use imagination to recycle waste

Sometimes using refuse as a way to cut down on garbage and save money, requires a little imagination but the payoff is great in both mental and tangible ways. Can an old bucket be used as a garden planter? Tires are often used as planters or children's swings. Aluminium foil can be cleaned and reused. You could wrap a potted plant with a strip of aluminium foil to protect it from critters. Instead of throwing away old clothing, turn into rags for the garage.

Accumulate the little you save when reusing

Bottled water costs consumers billions of dollars a year more than tap water. Consider the cost of drinking one bottle of water per day. Australians spend more than $2 billion dollars a year on bottled water. If you could reuse those bottles instead of buying a new one on the way to work, you could save yourself as much as $2 per day. These dollars add up.

Many companies and governments are "going green" by turning to composting. Following their lead, removing unnecessary rubbish from your trash can could help your garden. By throwing kitchen scraps – like fruit and vegetable skins; leftovers; egg shells – you can create a rich and fertile soil for anything from petunias to cabbage. Plus the smell of leftovers that didn't make it to the table will no longer eke from the kitchen bin and you'll create space to throw away the things that do need to be disposed of. A quick look online provides thousands of ideas residential rubbish removal that can save you time, money and possibly even create a little fun and creativity for you and your family.