Signs That It's Time to Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

28 July 2017
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As a homeowner, you may put off having your home's carpets professionally cleaned for as long as possible just to avoid the cost and the hassle of having to vacate the home while it's being done. However, having those carpets cleaned regularly can protect the fibres from being matted down and ruined so that the carpet then needs to be replaced less often. There are a few other benefits to having your home's carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis, so note a few signs that it's time to get this done and why it can be necessary.

You have breathing problems

If you're especially sensitive to dust, perfumes, cigarette smoke, pet dander and the like, and you're suddenly noticing some breathing problems or difficulties, it's time to have the carpets cleaned. Even closed-loop or short carpeting fibres will still hold lots of dust, dirt, and other allergens and irritants so that you breathe these in every day, and more so if you put off having professional carpet cleaners in your home. If you notice that your allergies or sensitivities are being bothered, and you haven't had the carpets cleaned in some time, have this work done and note if it helps you to breathe more comfortably.

The carpet seems darker than usual

Carpets that need cleaning may not be showing actual spots or stains, but ground-in dirt may simply make the entire carpet surface seem dark and dingy. If you notice that your beige carpeting now seems a bit tan, or a silvery carpet looks more slate grey or beige, it probably need more cleaning than vacuuming. This will not only remove any dust and dirt, but will usually restore the carpeting to its original colour and shade.

Your vacuum cleaner seems emptier

When you vacuum your carpets regularly, you usually get accustomed to how often you need to empty the canister or replace the bag. However, once carpet fibres start to get matted down, it can be difficult to remove any trapped debris, so your vacuum picks up less dirt, hair, dust and debris. If you notice that the container or bag seems empty after every vacuuming, or a thorough vacuuming doesn't seem to restore the carpet's nap like it once did, it's time to have that carpeting shampooed. Pulling up those fibres will allow your vacuum to remove more dirt, keeping your carpet cleaner and looking fresh even after it's been shampooed.