Efficient Warehousing - Keep Your Work Space Clean

29 March 2017
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Warehouses and stock rooms are not necessarily the cleanest working environments. All too often, a spilt pallet or dropped storage bin is dealt with hastily, leaving some debris or staining in place. In cases where fluids are spilled, there can be a serious health and safety implication if the floor becomes slippery. It is essential for an efficiently run warehouse operation to be kept clean at all times. The problem many warehouse and stock room managers face is that the amount of stock they need to have in storage at any one time prevents the very access cleaners need. What should you be doing to make sure that your warehouse operation is as efficient and as clean as possible?

Preventative Maintenance

Just like your warehouse's electrical supply and lighting systems, preventative maintenance—which catches problems before they happen—is preferable with all of your cleaning functions. Professional cleaners who are trained in the specific needs of warehouses and industrial settings should be employed to deal with a single section of the warehouse every few months. This way, over the course of a year, all of the storage racks can be thoroughly cleaned. Work out a roster for each part of the warehouse so that you can clear the storage racks ahead of the scheduled deep clean to ensure proper access.

Hazardous Materials

Any storage area which keeps potentially hazardous material should have the necessary paperwork to go alongside it. Clearly marking up an area of the warehouse with such items is essential to make sure that cleaning operatives only use the right sorts of non-invasive cleaning products. If hazardous materials are ever spilt or cause leaks, then expert advice should be sought out to make sure that any racking, shelving units and nearby stock does not suffer from contamination.

Floors and Aisles

When you want to produce an efficient warehouse operation every day, floors and aisles need to be clear of all clutter. With boxes or storage units in the way, picking operatives don't have the room to work safely. Likewise, dropped items and even paperwork that makes its way to the floor can cause trip hazards. Clear the entire floor area and all of your warehouse's aisles on a daily basis, making sure that they are swept up. This will help to keep your space free from dust and for workers to be cleaner as they go about their daily business, causing less grime to contaminate products.

Pest Control

In Australia, there are many sorts of creatures that would like to make their home in the relatively benign environment of a warehouse or stock room. Regular cleaning will make your warehouse much less attractive to things like rats, mice and termites. Stay on top of your pest control measures by laying bait, if necessary, and ensuring operatives never eat within the storage areas, thereby denying a potential food source to unwelcome visitors.