Two Changes To Make To Your Workplace Before Hiring A Cleaning Service

14 March 2017
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As an employer who is considering hiring a cleaning service for their office, it is quite obvious the benefits obtained from having your premises cleaned on a regular basis. A clean office presents itself in a professional manner and reduces the amount of illness spread among the staff. Unlike some people who always used to clean the house before the cleaner arrived for fear of making a bad impression, you do not need to give the office a full clean before the cleaning service begins. However, there are two things you can do to make sure your new cleaners can do the best job possible.

Remove The Clutter

The most effective cleaning service is one that can quickly and easily move through the office sanitising every uncluttered space they can lay their hands on. As a general rule, cleaning services will not move items on a desk so they can wipe the area underneath. Therefore, it is timely for your staff to reduce their desk clutter. You can achieve this by instructing your staff to:

  • look carefully at their desk for piles of paper that can be trashed or filed
  • minimise the number of personal effects that are on there; a family photo or two is fine, but too many knick knacks are a dust magnet
  • put items, such as staplers and pens, away in their desk drawers at the end of each day

The aim of the game is to expose as much clear desk surface as possible so the cleaning service can sanitise every centimetre.

Remove The Trash

Another area where your staff can be helpful to a new cleaning service is by putting all trash into their rubbish bins. For example, do you have an employee who likes to keep several cold cups of coffee on their desk because they never get around to finishing them? Again, cleaning services will not remove items from a person's desk and place them in the trash, so it is timely to give your staff a reminder that by binning their rubbish, the cleaning service can do a great job.

Additionally, appoint a staff member as the fridge monitor for the staffroom and get them to toss out uneaten foodstuffs at the end of each week. You can rotate this task between staff members. By putting all food in the bin every Friday, the cleaning service can sanitise the fridge so it is fresh and clean each Monday morning.

You don't have to go overboard cleaning the office before your new service starts because that is what your cleaners are paid to do. But, these two tips will help make sure they give your office the best clean possible. You can click for more info on office cleaning services.